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Friday December 10th, 2010


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Friday May 28th, 2010

consolefe project added

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I've added a project page for my console-based front end named, you guessed it, consolefe.
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libxml project added

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I've added a new project page for my xml parsing library, libxml.
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libife update

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I've updated libife with two new revisions, the latest of which adds storm protocol support. Yum!
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Monday June 8th, 2009

GameEntry 1.2.1 Released

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A minor update to GameEntry, version 1.2.1, is available on the its project page.

This version fixes a minor potential issue that could render the game entry unable to connect to the authentication server.

GameEntry Project Page: http://www.resequenced.net/projects/gameentry/
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Wednesday November 12th, 2008

The Dumbing-Down of Programming

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"I'm a scrivener here, a filler-in of forms, a setter of properties."


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How Can C Programs Be So Reliable?

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"I had implicitly bought into the idea that C programs segfault at random, eat data, and generally act like Vikings on a day trip to Lindisfarne..."

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Friday November 7th, 2008

It's True

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Wednesday October 22nd, 2008

Rock On

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That's right, Palin. Throw up those horns.
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Tuesday October 21st, 2008


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I really and truly loathe the United States and the people who live here. The behavior of my 'fellow' citizens is despicable, and really borderline evil. I know not everyone is terrible and bad, but the few that are really fuck it all up for everyone else. Just look at any new stories about elections and the bullshit shenanigans that Republicans have been pulling in some states over the years.

I should just move to New Zealand...
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