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A Week of O

postedbyanshouat7:00 PMonDecember 31st, 1969
Blog has (sort-of) working comments, now. It needs some polish, still.

My blood elf priest in World of Warcraft is getting closer to level 70. Full rested state on through the end. We PUG raided Zul'Gurub over the last two nights, clearing all the bosses on Saturday and dropping Hakkar last night. It was very amusing, and also saddening to see epics drop that are essentially crap compared to my greens.

Still no job, haven't heard either way from Simutronics. I'm looking around at other game development shops and some general software dev in the area. Maybe I'll get lucky with Google, eh?

A sexy looking Harry Potter hardcover boxed set was brought to my attention, and I want it SO BAD. I'm such a fanboy. :( Buy it for me! :D


There is no flesh prettier than this flesh. Rawr!

That's all for now!
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